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Peer-reviewed articles

Forthcoming Social Cohesion, Economic Security, and Forced Displacement in the Long-Run Journal of Conflict Resolution JF Tellez, L Balcells
2024 The Wars of Others: The Effect of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine on Spanish Nationalism The Journal of Politics L Balcells, JF Tellez, F Villamil
2024 Forced displacement, social cohesion, and the state: Evidence from eight new studies World Development E Myers, A Sacks, JF Tellez, E Wibbels
2024 State Absence, Vengeance, and the Logic of Vigilantism in Guatemala Comparative Political Studies DA Dow, G Levy, D Romero, JF Tellez
2022 Taking dyads seriously Political Science Research and Methods S Minhas, C Dorff, MB Gallop, M Foster, H Liu, JF Tellez, MD Ward
2022 Land, Opportunism, and Displacement in Civil Wars: Evidence from Colombia American Political Science Review JF Tellez
2021 Peace without Impunity: Worldview in the Settlement of Civil Wars The Journal of Politics JF Tellez
2020 Who wants peace? predicting civilian preferences in conflict negotiations Journal of Politics in Latin America AM Montoya, JF Tellez
2020 Repression and dissent in contemporary Catalonia British Journal of Political Science L Balcells, S Dorsey, JF Tellez
2020 Local Order, Policing, and Bribes: Evidence from India World Politics JF Tellez, E Wibbels, A Krishna
2020 Hierarchy and the Provision of Order in International Politics The Journal of Politics K Beardsley, H Liu, PJ Mucha, DA Siegel, JF Tellez
2019 Peace agreement design and public support for peace: Evidence from Colombia Journal of Peace Research JF Tellez
2019 The rise of the Islamic State and changing patterns of cooperation in the Middle East International Interactions JF Tellez, J Roberts
2019 Worlds Apart: Conflict Exposure and Preferences for Peace Journal of Conflict Resolution JF Tellez

Other writing (edited chapters, policy reports, blog posts)

2024 Entre el plomo y la pluma: apoyo ciudadano a las negociaciones de paz 2004-2015 Paz y opinion publica en Colombia
2023 Social Cohesion and Forced Displacement : A Synthesis of New Research. World Bank
2023 The Effect of Social Ties on Engagement & Cohesion: Evidence from Ethiopian University Students USAID
2023 Las guerras de los otros: ¿cómo nos afectan políticamente? El Diario
2022 El impacto de la deportacion. Revista Actualidad Politica
2021 Biden wants to halt deportations. Here’s what happens when migrants are sent back. The Monkey Cage at the Washington Post
2021 4 things the Biden administration should pay attention to with the border crisis The Brookings Institution
2021 Encuesta a deportados: Solo quieren volver a huir del país. Plaza Pública’. Plaza Pública’
2021 Five years after Colombia’s peace deal, the FARC is no longer on U.S. terrorist group lists The Monkey Cage at the Washington Post
2020 Freedom House’s scarlet letter: Assessment power through transnational pressure The power of global performance indicators
2018 Indonesia’s Generasi Program Long-term Impact Evaluation Report World Bank
2017 Mid-Term Performance Evaluation of the Land and Rural Development Program USAID